Monday, February 19, 2007

Oscar Reuben Zettwoch

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Leah and big brother Jake and for bringing the sweetest little dude - and newest Zettwoch - into the world on Friday. I'm silkscreening up some birth announcements heralding that fact (shown above). After that I am going full-blown into my crazy uncle routine, for which I am gonna have to get a much cooler car. Maybe a dune buggy?
According to my brother he already benches 225 grams and squats 600. How soon will he be doing this?

But I think he might be more into drawing (sorry bro). Good work Leah & Jake!
Uncle Dan

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jetlagged Cardboard Funnies

I carried a Sharpie, a White-Out pen, and boxes full of comics to France and all I came back with were these lousy drawings. And a flattened penny stamped with an embossed Arc De Triomphe*.
I made these while I was supposed to be working at the Buenaventura Press table at the Angoulême Comics Festival last week. They pertain to utilitarian concerns of our first few days abroad - travel, lodging, etc. - but I promise we did do some culturally worthwhile activites while in France, too. I just ran out of White-Out.
Some photographs of me and my pals standing in front of things (or at least beer-stained ticket stubs) will probably surface once I unpack and I'll scan them in too.
*The Arc de Triomphe was pretty awesome but it would've been even better had they went with this.