Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Although I think it's too late to participate in any of the shirt.woot! Shirtoberfest sales, here's a bunch of fall-themed stuff I drew for the festivities anyway. Enjoy!
We combined ideas from sketches #2 and #3 (above) and went through a crazy corn maze to get to the final designs for the frontpage and banner ads. Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Redbird Fever!

In honor of my beloved home team's exhilarating and unlikely quest for an 11th World Series title, here are eleven Cardinals-themed drawings from the archives. There are a lot more where these came from, so we'll just have to win a lot more championships. Let's go you Redbirds!
11. History of the Birds on the Bats print.

10. Tony La Russa, classic rock connoisseur

9. Mets are Pond Scum

8. Amazing Facts and Beyond takes a close look at Fredbird

7. Some shoes I painted

6. Best Fans in Baseball

5. Hollywood Jim Edmonds in a hot tub with Fredbird. 'Nuff said.

4. Mike Shannon 'The Moon Man Speaks" print

3. Page from a comic about the 2004 NLCS (published in Not My Small Diary #13)

2. Bob Gibson painting

1. Year-end illustration of last year's Cards. Glad this year's roller coaster is pointing back to the top!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Get Lost + F(o)und!

We're looking forward to this event on Thursday night (Oct. 6th). Perennial is a really cool local organization and I'm honored to have done the posters 'n tickets 'n stuff for their first big party/fundraiser.
The event will have the usual music and drinks but will feature special a DIY rebuilding/redesigning challenge and other neat upcycling-type activities.
These were my sketches:
We settled on this idea, a sorta county-fair/science-fair theme focussing on the exhibits and process-oriented activities.
I also designed (and silkscreened) some teaser postcards:
These were printed on random bit of chipboard packaging we collected:
I also made some traditional postcards (front and back)...
... as well as the little tickets required for entrance to the event (you have to buy those to see 'em!). Get your tickets here! Hope to see lots of you there! I'll buy you a Perennial Ale