Friday, June 22, 2012

Tonight! Reading/Signing/Party at Star Clipper!

7 - 10 pm! Party! Free* hand-printed BIRDSEYE BRISTOE bookmark containing an instructional diagram on how to build your own birdfeeder out of items you may have around the house. *just say the code words: "I want to learn how build my own birdfeeder out of items I may have around the house".

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art vs. Lovecraft

Here are a few more pages from The Shadow out of Providence project I've been working on. There's only a couple days left on the Kickstarter campaign - get in while the gettin' is good, and help make this weird/wonderful book a reality! 
I'm contributing a bunch of production sketches and monster costume designs for the HP Lovecraft meta-play "Facts Concerning the Late Eadweard Thurston and his Family" by Ezra Claverie. The costume designs are inspired by the work that legendary cartoonist Jack Kirby did designing costumes for a 1969 production of Julius Caesar:
Here are a couple of drawings detailing a sequence in which a decomposing ghost/corpse character stumbles on to the stage, then is manually disemboweled by demonic stagehands (called Night-Gaunts) using crude puppetry:
(note Kirby hand!)
There are several other great artists involved in The Shadow out of Providence, including another legendary illustrator - Erol Otus, pioneer of fantastic gaming art.
 I'm honored to work alongside him on this.
So yeah, check it out! Phnglui mglw nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah nagl fhtagn.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Launch Parties

Kevin H. and I are doing a couple of book release / signings in conjunction with our brand new comics -- GLORIANA and BIRDSEYE BRISTOE -- coming out this month from Drawn and Quarterly.
This Friday, June 15th, we'll be at Quimby's in Chicago. Next Friday, June 22nd we'll be at Star Clipper here in St. Louis.
We made a fancy collabo-commemorative 2-color screenprint (top of this post) to give away to anyone who comes to the parties and buys the books. 
Hope to see many of you!