Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lost + F(ound) 2013! Blueberry Pie!

Getting excited for tonight's Lost + F(o)und, the fun(d)raiser for St. Louis' own dumpster-diving, upcycling, furniture/art/craft making gang Perennial. Here's some nitty-gritty behind the poster I printed for it. Initial ideas:
In past years I've focused on the 'state fair' and 'junk drawer' nature of Lost + F(o)und; this year I wanted to really play up the PIE (Perennial puts together an amazing annual smorgasbord of pies at the event). At first I thought about showing a slice of pie being constructed out of reclaimed wood:
Maybe an exploded diagram kinda thing?
Or maybe on an avant-garde architectural shelf?
At some point I realized a pie made out of wood planks was not very appetizing, so started thinking about just depicting an actual piece of blue-ribbon pie. I just realized that the first three letters of 'piece' is 'pie'!
I started to get into the idea of a slice of piece being cut out of an entire table with a jigsaw and turning that into a fancy pedestal.
Here's a tighter sketch:
I knew I wanted the whole thing to look like it was printed on a chunk of plywood; here's the final assembled sketch:
After getting approval on that idea, I went into final inks. Here's the lineart (notice I didn't bother drawing an 'o' in F( )und):
And here's a chunk of wood I found in my basement and made a hi-res. scan of:
Color adjusted:
To work with my lo-fi silkscreen process, I had to make a chunkier halftone version of the woodgrain to work as a single color. I went with a vertical line style of halftone in photoshop to mimic the fine grain of the wood:

Meanwhile I was mixing up and testing my 3 inks (dark brown, white, semi-transparent blueberry blue), on the paper I would use (Canson Mi-Tientes Hemp pastel paper):
Final vector art with the woodgrain half-tone dropped behind everything:
All 3 colors separated,  printed on acetate and squeezed side-by-side on one frame, on the exposure table:
The screen, ready to squeegee ink through:

Two colors down, one to go:
Final print:

Okay, I'm gonna go skip lunch to save room for pie tonight.


I started a new tumblr for the upcoming art show On the FAMOUS FICTIONAL Payroll where I'm posting pics of characters from sports, advertising and boardgames. Lots of fun stuff (on the tumblr and in the art show) to come! above: sketch for a Fredbird skateboard I painted last year.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Dallas Field Guides

Map I made of the 2013 Texas State Fair for The Dallas Observer (click to enlarge), based on the tips 'n' tricks of Alice Lassaude. Going on now!
And because I don't think I ever posted these, a few other things I've drawn recently for Dallas/Alice. Some highlights from "How to Raise a Baby in Dallas Guide to Dallas Baby-Raising":
And (another classic) Bingo Card, White Rock Lake Bingo: