Monday, February 18, 2008

New Catastrophe Comic Strip & Blog

Hey Friends! In case you didn't know, some pals of mine -- Kevin H. and Ted May -- and I have started a comic strip that appears 3 weeks out of every month in the Riverfront Times. It's sort of like a "Ripley's Believe or Not" style strip chock-full of fun facts relevant to our readers. The hero / narrator of the strip is a walking treasure trove of information named Leon Beyond, whose first name (and basic look 'n feel) we lifted from the character of Leon from the great 1980 Disney movie Midnight Madness.
If you don't live in St. Louis, we're posting our strips in a timely fashion up on a new blog here. Bookmark your hearts out. To save you a click (dont' get used to it!), here's this week's strip:

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