Thursday, April 17, 2008

Munny Show at Star Clipper

My lovely fianceƩ Jenny and I painted a couple of these Munny dolls that all the kids are talking about for a little art show at our favorite store Star Clipper. Basically you buy a little blank vinyl monkey-looking dude who looks like this...
Then you come up with a stupid idea, like this...
...then you paint it, apply some gross doll hair with gorilla glue, get some leftover silver spray paint from the last model rocket you built, add a bulging eyeball (of course), etc., and you come up with something like this:
Or in Jenny's case, this:
If you can't tell, we each turned our dolls into little self-portraits. The theme of the show is "The Future", and due to the fact that Star Clipper is celebrating its 20 year anniversary, we painted ourselves how we think we'll look like 20 years from now. I will have a cyborg arm resulting from years of drawing-related carpal tunnel syndrome, and a bird living in my hair, Jenny will be wearing embroidered vests and will still be frying me two sunny-side-up eggs.
Anyway, if you're around, you should come to the opening tomorrow night (Friday, April 18th) to see a whole bunch of these stupid things in person, drink beer, etc. It's at the Star Clipper gallery on Delmar, on the University City loop, a few storefronts down from the Tivoli. I think it starts at 7. See you there?!
Dan & Jenny

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