Thursday, January 20, 2022

Support Your Local Brewery

I've been drawing these maps of local breweries for The St. Louis Brewers Heritage Foundation for a while now. The most current -- updated toward the end of Summer 2020 -- is still available as an 24"x18" print through their shop here. Hopefully all of the breweries are still open and ready to sell you some suds.

I've generated a big pile of inked drawings over the years while working on these: brewery logos, tiny slices of STL architecture + scenery, and lots of hand-lettering:

Here's a glimpse into my sketchbook, "where ideas come from". You can see here for the 2020 update I was really trying to figure out how to do a a Beer Goggles / 2020 Vision thing:

Thankfully I went with the STL flag sorta theme/color scheme instead.
Here's what the previous version looked like, 2018-2019:

And here's an even earlier version, which I detailed years ago on this blog:

I've gone back to this book over and over for visual reference and inspiration, St. Louis Brews: The History of Brewing in the Gateway City

You can see here where I was trying to rip off the Carondelet Brewing Co. style lettering:

Anyway, I've drawn a lot of other beer stuff too, like this timeline of the history of Beer, this bottle design I did for a special-release Schlafly beer, and all these technical renderings for Draft beer installers. Drink responsibly!

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Ufa88kh said...

You are all so talented. Love this autumn watercolor inspiration!