Saturday, January 20, 2007

Open Road / Angouleme

I'm hitting the rails, skipping town for a couple of weeks. In particular, between January 25th and 28th, I'll be at the Festival international del la Bande Dessinée in Angouleme, France. If you're gonna be over there, try and come find me over by the Buenaventura / Kramers Ergot / Comic Art booths in the 'Espace Alternative BD' area. If you're not gonna be in France, but you may be in, say, Minneapolis, there's a Kramers Ergot art show opening at Macalester College on the 28th. A bunch of my original pages from Kramers 5 & 6 will be in the show. Here's one of them:
To my StL friends: see you when I get back home!