Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fuelman / Leadville

Is anybody else disturbed by the gradual (de)evolution of obscure-but-beloved gasoline/corporate mascot Fuelman? What/Who can be next?! That Sinclar Dinosaur? Here is a better shot of the original:
And here's some sticker designs I did for my pal Will's band LEADVILLE, one of which features the more sophisticated and streamlined Fuelman Jr:
I refuse to dignify the boring and seemingly inanimate Fuelman III with any more attention (the same way I feel about Hank Williams III, by the way), so if you want bigger versions of that design you'll just have to find it on another blog. But since I am divulging inspirational gas-station sign designs - and by inspirational I mean things that I shamelessly rip off, here you go:


Brett Von Schlosser said...

i have never even heard of this fuelman before, but he's totally cool.
we must have not had fuelman here in minnesota. that red bird is cool too. you'd probably have loved red owl, a chain of grocery stores that were everywhere in minnesota and wisconsin, but are sadly no more.
here's there cool little owl logo.

Will said...

Warning: tawdry self promotion ahead!

Me and my band are finally getting our shit together, and have a myspace page. I flipped the fuelman logo around a bit to use as our primary icon. And we're hoping to get some original Zettwoch for the album cover design, too.

Also, I think I've seen that little red owl somewhere, but I've never grocery shopped in Minnesota, to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

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JC said...

I loved Fuelman. He was my Halloween costume.