Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tastes of St. Louis

Drawing done for the RFT about this weekend's upcoming Taste of St. Louis event downtown. Pretty self-explanatory I think! Palette inspired by the converging colors of the Old Courthouse and the world's largest Vess bottle.I hate the Lumiere Casino and its stupid roadside jumbotron so I was glad to get to destroy them in my drawing. Everything else I love and am sad to see go.


Bob Flynn said...

Wow, loving this illustration, Dan. It makes me somehow nostalgic to see all these landmarks bite the bullet. Thanks for including your sketch, too.

Poor Eat-rite.

ironmyhomework said...

I wish someone really WOULD eat that hideous Lumiere!!! It's like a big, hairy, black mole on the butt of our beautiful city!!!

Beautiful illustration Daniel!

Jason said...

Awesome illustration Dan.

John Hendrix said...

When I was down at the riverfront last friday, that lumiere sign had a hot babe biting into a huge hamburger, then ketchup squirted out the back and plopped on to the lumiere typography. Repugnant!