Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big Amazing Facts & Beyond News

In honor of tonight's Vice Presidential Debate (being held in our own backyard) here is a special Amazing Facts & Beyond EVENT! It's a full-page, full-color strip exposing some of the strangest strategies and toughest tactics used by vice presidential candidates during their second-tier debates going back over 200 years. As usual, get a copy of the RFT for a hard copy but in the meantime here it is:
In other exciting Leon news, we put together a little booklet containing all the AF&B strips thus far, debuting this weekend at SPX in Bethesda, Maryland.
It's 30 densely-stuffed strips (by me, Kevin H, and Ted May) wrapped up in a 2-color silkscreen wrap-around cover (white and brown ink on Mystic Orange paper). Oh, and it has an index (aka THE BEYONDEX) that is worth the cover price alone. Wait a minute, we forgot to put a cover price on there. I think it's $4 (American). Keep an eye on the catastrophe shoppe for ordering and payment info.

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ironmyhomework said...

Awesome work as per usual, Dan. The resemblance between Richard Johnson and Dorothy Zbornac is uncanny!!