Monday, October 01, 2007

One Last Voyage

Hey everybody! If you don't know, my pals Kevin Huizenga and Ted May and I have run a little online shop for minicomics & zines for about 6 years - the Catastrophe Shop. It was fun supplying the world with (what we considered) worthwhile and enjoyable little home-made & self-published booklets, as well as being able to sell our own.
There was a point though, where it just got to be too much work and was really slowing down our own comics productivity, especially mine. The good ship has been steadily sinking into disrepair, so sorry for that. But here's a last chance to do any last minute shopping. I'll be filling orders like crazy for the next couple of months, hoping to send our remaining books to good homes.
A million thanks to our loyal customers and amazing artists whose books we have carried. It's been great. If you have questions about orders or whatever else, email me at danzettwoch (at) gmail (dot) com.
Finally, it should be known that there are several places who do a similar thing that we do / did, only better. Here are some of 'em: The Poopsheet Shop, Bodega Distribution, Global Hobo, Secret Acres.


Ed Piskor said...

I really appreciate the time and sacrifice you have made to help get my comics out to people. Thanks a lot man.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, Dan! See you next year some time, eh?