Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Local Color

In case you didn't hear, me and 3 pals of mine were recently elected by St. Louis Magazine some of the "Coolest People in St. Louis". I know what you're all thinking: "St. Louis must SUCK!" But the fact remains that we got to party with Murph-Drrt and Bill Keaggy. And we did the above collaborative drawing to accompany an article about us. From L to R: Kevin H, me, Ted May, and Mardou.


alex eben meyer said...

st louis rocks, therefore you four must rock as well. i salute you cool people...and thank you for letting me comment on your cool blog.

Onsmith said...

That's awesome.

John Hendrix said...

James Jean told me that he once got panties in the mail... so prepare yourself.