Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Another summer at the Saratoga has come to a close, and with it another gold pin for the Handsome Brothers' trophy case. It was tough, having narrowly edged out the Heisenburgs, 3 J's and a Z, and team Whoa! Yeah! for first place in the final week. Luckily there were some sharpies laying around for me to deface our loot (pictured above) with. I love drawing at bowling.
In case you haven't seen one of us strutting down Manchester in our team colors, here's what our logo looks like:
And here's an action shot of me. It should look familiar to purchasers of Private Stash. The pin is probably hiding a gnarly 4 - 10 split (the lanes were real graveyards last night). For an indication of how old the Saratoga is, count the stars on that flag.
Look out Fall League!
UPDATE: See Billy K's sandwich blog for another view of this magical night.

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